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In Summer 2021, the community of Eloubaline reached out to us and shared their urgent need to renovate their water cisterns.

Eloubaline is a small island deep in the mangroves of the river Casamance. The river is salty, and so is the groundwater. Therefore, rainwater harvesting in three collective cisterns is the principal water source in the village. Two cisterns of 500 m3 fill up only during the rainy season, from July to September.

The cisterns are old, and their roofs got destroyed by humidity, rust, and wind attacking wood and steel. The damage has made access to safe drinking water critical. Currently, the water stored in the cisterns is contaminated, and the incidents of waterborne diseases are increasing.


AWAKE and People of Hope partnered to help Eloubaline achieve long-term and consistent access to safe drinking water for more than 600 villagers. 

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After four months of preparation and fundraising, we sailed to Eloubaline in December. Together with the local villagers, we started organizing all materials needed for the renovation and prepared the construction site. 

In January, the second team of volunteers, including professional carpenters, builders, and architects, arrived in Eloubaline. Together with local volunteers, they started the construction of a new roof for the water cistern, installed a new plumber, and painted beautiful decorative wall paintings with the local children.

As we leave Eloubaline, our hearts are full of unforgettable memories and new friendships. Thanks to this big family's beautiful energy and collaboration, we quickly overcame all challenges and accomplished our goal.

To conclude our water project in Eloubaline, we would like to share with you some facts on the positive change and impact related to the renovation of the water cistern. 

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More than 600 Villagers have access to potable water through the renovation of the water cistern. 

The new roof protects the water from external pollution and evaporation by the sun. 

The new structure is made out of solid wood and covers not only the entire cistern but also the area around the cistern to increase the included water-collection surface. 

The new plumbing makes the water collection more comfortable. 

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Donations to AWAKE e.V. can be deducted from income tax as special expenses

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