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“Support One Child at a Time”

I am Thea, Yoga and Pilates teacher and co-founder of AWAKE Water for Kids. I believe in treating every child as a unique individual from an early age onwards and I encourage this vision during our work with the different educational centers. While improving childrens' personal and educational development, it is essential to adapt to cultural diversity. Therefore AWAKE serves as a platform for cultural exchange and innovative solutions to equality. 


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Our Work: Willkommen

"Let's Shape a Better World Collectively"

Hi, I am Evelyn, Co-founder of AWAKE and Human Rights Activist. My aim is to create more social coherence in this world. AWAKE evolved as a spontaneous response to the chronic shortage of drinking water in public schools in the Dominican Republic. I personally witnessed the impact of dehydration on the wellbeing of the children and thus took action.  I believe that the solution to the crisis of our global society lies in strengthening human bonds. All together, we must take responsibility to find creative, efficient, and sustainable solutions and actually implement these. At AWAKE, we work in close cooperation with local organizations to shape a more desirable and better future for all children.

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“Equal Rights For Every Child”

Hi, I'm Alina, co-founder of AWAKE. As a political scientist and sociologist, I focus on finding sustainable solutions to problems of global inequality. AWAKE starts in the field of education. This sector is crucial if we seek to create sustainable change. My goal is to provide children with improved access to education and thus empower them to shape their own future in a responsible and creative way. Furthermore, I aim to raise awareness on issues of global inequality to bring as many people as possible on board and to achieve our common goal - equal rights for all children worldwide. 


"Be Curious About Foreign Cultures" 

Our Work: Willkommen

Hello, I am Jordi, captain of la Joia del Mar and co-founder of People of Hope.
As a European, I have the opportunity to travel the world with relative ease, giving me the chance to learn about many other cultures and ways of living. I feel that I can learn a lot from foreign cultures. Travelling has motivated me to work with people in faraway and less privileged regions. For example, I would like to improve access to basic needs such as drinking water in joint projects. In cooperation with People of Hope and AWAKE, I can achieve exactly that.



 "Mutual Support is the Key Factor to Resilience"

Salut, I am Jean, Bioengineer and co-founder of People of Hope. We live in a connected world, almost every part of the earth is now accessible easily. We are facing global challenges, such as environmental breakdown and we know that actions taken in one place can repercute on the other side of the world. Seeing things globally and standing as one big community living on the same planet seems necessary. Our world is full of inequalities and many people are still lacking basic necessities, water, education, healthcare, the list is long… In a community, mutual support is the key factor to resilience: those who can, help those who need and the wheel spins. So let’s go out there where help is needed!"

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AntonioSabuco Blaya

 "Environment Is Everyone's Responsibility To Protect."

Hi there! My name is Antonio, marine biologist and co-founder of the Condrik Project for shark research. Society has built a concept of progress based on burring the past and forgetting that there is a day tomorrow. As a biologist and as a life-lover, I try to focus all my efforts on preserving wildlife, sustainable cultures, and ways of living aware of Nature. While the Earth provides us, humans, with a habitat, we have the opportunity to give back by taking care of the environment around us, as well as uplift the people in need. This is the main anchorage in my journeys.



 "For A Society More Respectful Of Diversity"

Hi, I am Ilaria and as a social worker, I believe that each of us can contribute to the change of our society. For almost 10 years I have been passionately dedicated to the work for the social integration of minorities and to assert the rights of the weakest, both locally and internationally.
In my daily life, I learn every day the value of diversity and the importance of preserving a multicultural world based on the inclusion and I try to make it a sign in my work but also in my private life. I strongly believe in the need to continue to fight for the rights of all, in a world where the rights of some are often denied.


“Clean And Fresh Water For Every Child”

Hi, I am Natalie, as an environmental engineer, I can apply my knowledge to provide children with access to potable water and have a global impact on their future. Too many countries still depend on bottled water as the only safe drinking source.

My concern is the future of the planet. I made it my mission to think and act through respecting and protecting the environment.


“Education For Every Child”

Hi, I'm Linda, Education is freedom! With improved access to education, we empower children worldwide to shape their future in a self-determined way. This is my personal goal. Since I was young I have been working with children and young people as a trampoline trainer. Both locally and globally I have made it my mission to support children in achieving their personal goals. AWAKE gives me the opportunity to contribute my knowledge as a nutritionist. The right to access drinking water is an indispensable human right to me. I stand up for the fact that this is a right of all people.



"For The Future Generations"

Hi, I am Esther. Education plays an important role in building the foundation of our future lives. Its effects on our development affect society and the planet we live on. Working in the textile industry for several years now, I see endless opportunities to elevate the way we use commodities and consume in general. AWAKE allows me to support education projects all over the world and to work with great people, who are passionate about the same cause.



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“Education Is The Foundation For Change”

Hi I’m Katrin and I believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn and shape their own future. I was fortunate enough to live, work and study in many different countries and I’m passionate about working with people from all over the world. Many times, I witnessed how education and opportunity are theoretically available but still remain inaccessible for children whose basic needs aren’t met. Sometimes the simplest actions, like providing access to safe drinking water, make all the difference. With AWAKE we work on both, the availability and content of educational programs, as well as their accessibility. We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach, instead we work directly with communities to empower and create sustainable change.



Donations to AWAKE e.V. can be deducted from income tax as special expenses

German tax ID #359/5732/6433


IBAN: DE04 4265 0150 1000 1733 83



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