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Bali: Willkommen


A mobile network and global community of young innovators who meet & travel aboard the sailboat ‘La Joia del Mar’ to  create solutions to social and environmental challenges beyond borders. 

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Bali: Dateien


Our Vision is to create & grow opportunities for kids and their communities beyond borders.

Onboard ‘La Joia del Mar’ young professional volunteers from all over the world will have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to find innovative and flexible solutions for the social and environmental challenges we, as a global community, face in the 21st century. It is crucial for us to work closely with local organizations and institutions to implement solutions that follow local conditions and needs. By doing so, we will achieve actual sustainable change on the ground.

‘La Joia del Mar’ will be a mobile platform for international exchange across borders. Our Mission is to travel from the Canary Islands to Senegal and the Caribbean. 

In cooperating with ‘La Joia del Mar’ we seek to grow a mobile network to connect our international community with sustainable and social projects worldwide. In this way, we bring attention to the urgent need for cooperation across the currently existing national borders and get the chance to promote a sustainable form of transportation that underscores our connection to nature.

Bali: Willkommen
Bali: Willkommen


In December 2021 have left the Canary Islands and started our journey to Senegal, West Africa. 

Around Christmas we arrived at our first stop Dakar. From there, we continued our journey to the south, entered the river Casamance and sailed towards our first project destination in Senegal: Eloubaline. Since the end of 2021 we are in Eloubaline where we kicked off our first Project in cooperation with the People of Hope...

We will leave the East Atlantic and set sail to Santo Domingo in November 2022. However, the timeframe may vary due to concrete forecasts and weather conditions.

We invite you to follow our journey on social media! 


Together with The People of Hope, we have renovated a community-owned rainwater cistern in Eloubaline.

Eloubaline is a small island, deep in the mangroves of the river Casamance, in Senegal. The river is salty, and so is the groundwater. Therefore, rainwater harvesting in three collective cisterns is the principal water source in the village. There are two cisterns of 500 m3 that fill up only during the rainy season, from July to September. Unfortunately, these cisterns were broken, without a roof to protect the water from contamination and evaporation, thus exposing villagers to waterborne diseases and water scarcity. 

This project responded to the water crises and was supervised by Jordi Llorens, Jean Vanmaldergem, Adrien Meylan, and Alina Bollow.


 Condrik is a biodiversity and conservation project developed by Master's students in Marine Biology at the University of La Laguna. As part of Condrik, the students explore the situation of sharks and rays to promote their protection and create a network of alliances focused on this conservation goal. In Senegal, Antonio Sabuco Blaya continued the work of Condrik in shark conservation. Sabu has a degree in Biology from the University of Alicante and has carried out several citizen awareness projects related to environmental and marine ecology. In addition, he has volunteered for projects on the census of biodiversity in marine protected areas in the Azores and the Mediterranean. Further, he conducted training in shark identification and monitoring.


We are excited about the collaboration with the local and well-established social NPO ‘Cabarete Sostenible’ in the Dominican Republic. Cabarete Sosteinible is a Dominican Non-profit Organization that started in 2020 as a coalition of NGOs, community leaders, food providers, and volunteers
striving to solve the current food-shortage crisis occurring in the Dominican Republic, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. This grassroots organization aims to create a sustainable food sovereignty program by enabling its communities to feed themselves.  This collaboration is led by Evelyn Riboldi, who is currently living and working in Cabarete and Thea Pernack. Both are Co-founders of AWAKE and have carried out our first project in this region. 

Donations to AWAKE e.V. can be deducted from income tax as special expenses

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